What Is Rockin Burgers N Dogs?

  •  Rockin Burgers N Dogs is a food truck. Next? 

What Do You Serve, Just Burgers N Dogs?

  •  Ahhhh,  young grasshopper you ask wise questions. We do serve more than just  burgers n dogs. We have Rockin' Burgers -  Rockin Caliente Burgers -   Rockin HUGE Dogs - Rockin Caliente Dogs - TRUE Detroit Coney Dogs - Pizza Cones -   Nachos - Rockin Nachos - Rockin Tacos - Jumbo soft warm pretzels - Candy  - Bottled water - Pepsi Products, Faygo and more! 

What Makes Rockin Burgers N Dogs, "Rockin"?

  •  With 12 years experience in radio and 21 years of owning Tickers Music Mania, Ticker the owner, has fine tuned the music tastes of every age. We've incorporated that with selling great tastes to the  masses. You'll hear, for your listening enjoyment, all types of musical hits as well as some interesting commentary via the Rockin Burgers N Dogs Radio Network. We're not only getting your attention with GREAT customer service, reasonably priced QUALITY, FRESH food, but with sight, sound, and light. If the trailers "rockin', COME knockin' Contact us.

Where And When Can I Find Rockin Burgers N Dogs?

  •  Your just a curious person now aren't you! That's a good thing. Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck is busiest spring, summer and fall.  We are available early spring thru late fall.  We travel to places that are hosting fairs, festivals, and events.  Although based in Casper, Wyoming, Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck is not stuck here. We travel the western half of the U.S.  See our schedule here

Can We Hire You For Our Event?

  •  Sure, we have a few options for you to choose from. 

  •  Option 1. We can do an "open tab" which makes you responsible for the bill. (setting a cap for cost isn't a problem either)

  • Option 2. We can also set up and let your guests pay as they go (both options require a minimum amount of sales)  
  • Be sure and read this section, it's really helpful.

Do Prices Change At Different Locations Or Events?


  • Stop by Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck anytime, take a picture of our menu, and compare it when we are open anywhere else, see if there's a dramatic change. Whether its 500 miles from Casper or just down the street. We believe our regulars and our first, second or third timers like that, and that, WON'T CHANGE "just  because". Our prices do change only when our suppliers permanently adjust  their costs.   Contact us for your event or where you can find us here.

Have more questions?

What Type Of Payments Are Accepted?

  •  Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck accepts cash, credit, debit, chipped cc, or touch-less (pay by phone) * PLEASE NOTE  there is a nominal convenience fee for using credit, debit, chip, or  touch-less. We let you know your total before we swipe or dip. 

Do I Need To Provide Electric, Water, Or Dumping?

  •   Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck is very capable of being a fully self contained food truck. Although electricity being provided is greatly appreciated, we understand not every one or every venue has 50 amp 220 hook up. That's when we bring out BIG Bertha! Big Bertha is our generator that is more than capable of running Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck in remote areas. Big Bertha is very quiet, for an 11kw diesel Kubota Generator, (Yeah, we NEED that much electric) you will be drowned out by your stomach growling while waiting to order, not our quiet generator (68 decibels)
  • As for Dumping? Greatly appreciated, but not necessary 
  • Be sure and read this for more helpful information