• Rockin Burgers N Dogs we truly do try to have something for everyone. Whether it's a single quarter pound burger, our Ridiculously HUGE Burger Challenge. Maybe it's a normal all beef dog you are hungry for? Maybe it's something SpIcY like our Caliente HUGE Dog. Even if you are in the mood for just a snack like our freshly made Pizza Cones. How about some Rockin AWESOME Nachos or MMMmmmm, Bacon Nachos! Just thirsty? Think outside the norm' try our specialty drinks, or a Faygo Soda.  Just want a Dr. Pepper? Not a problem. Kids love us too, we have a wide variety of candy, psssst! Adults, you'll be whisked back in time to your childhood as well when you see what we have for novelty candy.  Try us for your lunch, snack, or even a public or private event. We can do that!  Contact us for more info. Our schedule is HERE