Try OUR Burgers

  • So much more than the typical....boring hamburger. Although, we do have just plane Jane hamburgers. We challenge you to take on our BIGGEST Burger yet! The Ridiculously HUGE Burger Challenge
  • Photos below are just a sample of what we serve. All photos are of actual burgers served to our guests at Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck. 
  • Burgers, they are one of the staples in Rockin Burgers N Dogs, but we also have Hotdogs, Nachos, Jumbo soft Bavarian style pretzels. Pepsi products, Faygo Soda, Specialty sodas, Novelty candy, and MORE. We are available for private and public events. We also do public lunches. See if we fit the customer service, quality and cost you deserve. Here's our link to our schedule, and here's some info you may benefit from if looking to book us for your event. Of course, if you are just lonely and need to chat, well? We don't charge for that. See you soon at Rockin Burgers N Dogs.