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A lot of information about Rockin Burgers N Dogs, 2019 Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship is in the video. Even more info is below that. 

Rockin Burgers N Dogs Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship

Rockin Burgers N Dogs Food Truck Casper Wyoming Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship  2019

When Is the Next Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship?

Just couldn't wait could you. Well, ok start practicing NOW!  The next Rockin Burgers N Dogs Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship will be Labor Day, Monday Sept. 2, 2019. 

What Is The Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship?

The idea sparked from a friend of our in Riverton WY to have a statewide open invitational Hot Dot Eating Championship. What  do you  do  at a hot dog eating championship? In Rockin Burgers N Dogs, Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship you eat as many hot dogs and buns as possible. The one that eats the most in 11 minutes wins our custom made 2019 Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship belt. Not just for a year, no no no, it's yours to keep! 

What Is The Catch?

Hmmmm, lets see, You have to like hot dogs. You have to sign a liability release as well as rights to use photos, first name and last name first initial for marketing or press. NO, we don't want your first born, not your second born either.  It's $10 to enter the competition. MUST be 15 or older to compete. (Those under 18 MUST have written legal guardian consent)

I STILL Have Questions!

Okay, we're here. Don't worry, here's some more info that might be VERY beneficial. 

Along with the Rockin Burgers N Dogs, 2019 Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship, Pop In The Shop will be hosting a car show. It's $10 to show your ride.  Registration for the Pop in Shop Car Show is 2:00pm - 4:00pm. *Car Show schedule is 4 - 7 with awards at 6:30pm. 

*Other food trucks will be with us as well on Labor Day in Mills Wyoming (across from town hall on Wyoming Blvd) Food trucks will be open 3:00pm - 8:00pm, Monday Sept 2nd 2019. Not sure where Mills Wyoming is? Mills is a suburb of Casper Wyoming 

*Casper's "Almost Totally Famous World Wide in Wyoming" own, one man band, Chad Lore will be with us 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

*Rockin Burgers N Dogs Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship is at 6:00pm. Both men and women will compete simultaneously. (Up to seven men and seven women) They'll have 11 minutes to eat as many hot dogs and buns as possible. Ladies have their own custom belt to win as will the men.


What kind of hot dogs are used? They will be 100% ALL BEEF 8 to 1 (8 hot dogs per pound).

How do you qualify to be a contestant? Simple, we are only allowing up to seven contestants per championship. The first seven of each that pay the $10 entry fee and sign the paperwork, are IN! 

Call Ticker 307.333.4388 for more info. 

*Want to be a vendor at this fun event in Mills Wyoming? Contact Ticker 307.333.4388

What If!?!?

Ahhh the dreaded what if section. 

What time am I required to be there? 

No later than 5:30 pm. September 2nd, 2019. 

What if you pay and don't show? You won't get your money back.

What if you sit or stand during the competition?

You won't find a chair anywhere around, sooo, sitting? Will cause you to be disqualified.

What if I  vomit?

If  you vomit, please leave the area before doing so, others don't want to see, hear, smell, feel or taste what you have to offer. Vomiting will be means for disqualification.

What if I leave the designated area while competing? Then you're disqualified.

What if the whistle blows and I have half left in my hand headed for my mouth? You will have 20 seconds to swallow it, ALL that is part of the hot dog or bun MUST be out of your mouth.

What if I only eat 2 or 35 dogs? If you only eat 2, then, chances are pretty darn slim that you'll win. ONLY EAT AS MANY AS YOU FEEL YOUR BODY CAN HANDLE! If you vomit AFTER the championship whistle and 20 second grace period, then so be it. That would NOT disqualify you.

What if I choke? Then we will do EVERYTHING in our power to dislodge the obstructed area. (it's all in the liability form)

What if I win? GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!!! HUZZAH!!!! YOU get one of the two customized Rockin Burgers N Dogs 2019 Wyoming Hot Dog Eating Championship Belts to keep for EVER!!

Have More Questions?

Contact Ticker 307.333.4388